Big Solar

Jan 23, 2014

As you’re driving around the state, you’ve probably seen a few fields filled with large solar arrays. Just how are those big solar developments different from small roof-top panels?

We'll talk about large scale solar developments with Darren Springer, Deputy Commissioner of the Public Service Department, and Chad Farrell, Founder and Principal of Encore Redevelopment, a renewable energy project development company.

Also on the program, we'll talk to VPR’s Steve Zind, who has been reporting this week on the effects of opiate addiction and treatment on pregnant mothers and babies.

And we'll learn about a group of Vermonters who, on January 25, will raise glasses of Scotch whiskey, recite poetry and eat haggis, all in honor of the Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Broadcast live on Thursday, Jan. 23 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.