Bryan Gallery Marks 30th Anniversary With A Tribute To Its Namesake

May 8, 2014

The Bryan Memorial Gallery in Jeffersonville is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary with a show featuring the work of Mary Bryan.

The gallery was founded in her memory by her husband Alden, and continues to exhibit some of New England’s finest landscape painters.

In The Studio With Mary Bryan will run through Sept. 7.

Neal Charnoff speaks with the Bryan Gallery's Executive Director Mickey Myers about the legacy of Mary Bryan.

Myers says that Bryan mastered a variety of artist's mediums, including watercolor and oil painting, collage, ceramics and clay.

Myers notes that Bryan never met a color she didn't like, and it was this fearless use of color that ties her work across mediums together.

While it has always been difficult for women to break through as artists, Myers says the art community bestowed many awards on Mary Bryan, and she received strong support from her husband Alden, who built her a studio.