Burlington City Council To Hear Proposal For High School Renovation

Aug 24, 2018

Major renovations might be on the way for Burlington High School. On Monday, the City Council will hear a proposal for the $70 million bond that would pay for the work.

The school board chair, superintendent and other school officials are set to present to the City Council during Monday night's meeting.

Under the plan, renovations to Burlington High School include enhancing building safety and security, upgrading systems like air conditioning and stormwater management, and addressing maintenance that's been put off for years. The plan also calls for demolishing at least two buildings.

Though the proposal will be heard Monday, City Council President Kurt Wright said the council will not decide until later whether the bond proposal will go on the local ballot.

“We're looking at our debt capacity issue for the schools and the city on Sept. 5, and I don't think it would have been responsible of us to vote to put it on in November before we at least know a little more information about the debt capacity issue,” Wright said.

The plan is that the City Council will decide in September about whether the bond proposal will go on the November ballot.