Burlington City Council Votes Down Anti-F-35 Measures

Oct 28, 2013

At a packed meeting Monday night, Burlington's City Council voted down two resolutions designed to prevent the F-35 from coming to Vermont in 2020. One resolution was meant to bar the jet from Burlington International Airport indefinitely, while the other could have delayed the basing until later.

The resolutions were sponsored by Progressive Councilors Vince Brennan, Max Tracy and Rachel Siegel, who voted in favor of both. Councilor Kevin Worden voted for one of the resolutions as well.

See below for VPR's coverage from the City Council's special meeting on the F-35.

One week before the Secretary of the Air Force can make a decision about where to base the F-35, Burlington's City Council is discussing a tactic to ban the controversial fighter jet. The council is holding a public forum at 6 p.m. before their 7 p.m. special meeting. Follow along here for VPR's live coverage from Burlington City Hall, including a live video stream courtesy of Channel 17/Town Meeting Television.

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Catch up on F-35 news with VPR's extended coverage: