Burlington Debuts Bilingual Signs

Jun 17, 2013

This weekend, volunteers in Burlington added bilingual signs to 700 parking meters in the city.

The project is a result of a resolution of “French friendliness” passed by the Burlington city council in recent months designed to make French-Canadian tourist feel more welcome.

Burlington city councilor Norm Blais says that the plan is a continuation of an effort that began at the Burlington airport to increase bilingual signage.

“There is unique place in Burlington for those of French heritage. The French language does have a unique and important place here," Blais said.

Champlain Valley Alliance Francais President Linda Pervier says there’s also a financial benefit to the city from the French-Canadian tourists.

“Of course it’s in the commercial interest of our community to accommodate our francophone customers when they come to town," Pervier said.

Though the parking-meter signs are the only bilingual notices that will debut this summer, the Alliance and city council hope to expand this project in the future.