Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger Reelected

Mar 7, 2018

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger was elected to lead Vermont's largest city for a third-term on Tuesday.

The Democratic mayor won a tough contest against two independent challengers who ran to his left.

Weinberger walked into his victory party Tuesday night as an enthusiastic crowd cheered 'three more years'.

“This is what moving forward looks like everyone," he told them from the stage at Nectar's. "Let's hear it for the great city of Burlington.”

The Democrat won with about 48 percent of the vote, according to unofficial city results.

In his victory speech, Weinberger acknowledged it was a tough win against independent challengers Carina Driscoll and Infinite Culcleasure. And he said he learned from them.

"We never thought this was going to be easy to leave tonight with a strong victory" - Miro Weinberger

“I'm heading into the next three years as mayor better equipped to serve the Burlington community because of our spirited debated over these past two months,” he said. “I look forward to continuing my conversation with Carina and Infinite in the months to come.”

Infinite Culcleasure was one of two independent candidates challenging Weinberger. He got about 16 percent of the vote.
Credit Liam Elder-Connors / VPR

Both Driscoll and Culcleasure had accused Weinberger of being out of touch and ignoring the voices of Burlington residents.

Earlier in the day, Culcleaure said he was feeling great about his campaign.

“I feel like we have a really big impact on the tone of the campaign, the issues that are being discussed. Win, lose or draw I think we made an important impact on this election,” he said.

While out making a final election day push, Driscoll also said she thought her campaign had been able to start new conversations in the city.

Carina Driscoll ran against Weinberger as an independent and was endorsed by the Progressive Party. She got almost 35 percent of the vote.
Credit Liam Elder-Connors / VPR

“More and more people jumped into this campaign and got invested in working for change in Burlington ... and making people of Burlington the priority instead of private interests,” she said. “So I feel very good about the campaign we've all run. No matter what, we've changed the conversation in this city.”

Voters ultimately backed Weinberger. Supporters coming out of the polls said they liked his record and felt that the city had flourished under his leadership.

“I just felt he's had a good response over the last few years, I've been delighted to see how he's taken the city,” said Kay Barrett-Vascik, who voted for Weinberger.

After his victory speech, Weinberger said he'd heard from former mayors that the third race can be a challenge.

“So we never thought this was going to be easy to leave tonight with a strong victory,” he said. “I'm grateful for the people of Burlington for believing in me.”

Weinberger said when he won six years ago, he promised to take Burlington in a new direction. With his reelection, he says he's made good on that promise — and wants to continue on that path.