Burlington Mayor Says Co-Op Should Not Advance To Final Rounds in Telecom Sale

Oct 12, 2017

Burlington’s mayor says the city council should not advance the bid of a local co-op to buy Burlington Telecom.

The co-op, Keep B-T Local is one of the three final bidders to buy the municipal telecommunications utility.

Mayor Miro Weinberger says the efforts of the group have ensured that the future of Burlington Telecom will be better, but he doesn't think the co-op is has viable proposal.

“Even if we were to try to accept it, I think the result of that acceptance would be years of litigation and regulatory conflict and uncertainty and I don't think there is a path through for that to work,” Weinberger said. “And that's why I said as much as much as we would like otherwise, I don't think it's a viable proposal.”

The city council will vote to eliminate one of the three final bidders during its meeting on Monday.