Cable Access TV In The Media Landscape

Oct 25, 2012

Long before You Tube, cable access television provided a place where people could tell stories and talk about issues in their own self-produced programs. The origins of public access television were a desire for open media and social change. We talk with Lauren-Glenn Davitian, executive director of CCTV and co-founder of public access in Vermont. And we're joined by David Bagnall, a documentary filmmaker and collaborator of George Stoney, who is widely credited as the founding father of public access television in the U.S.

Also in the program, VPR's Fred Bever reports on the political candidates outside the mainstream. We learn more about a handful of people who run for office in most election cycles, determined to get their messages across.

And the Bennington Museum displays an antique called the Stickle Quilt each fall. VPR's Patti Daniels explains why the 1860s quilt has legions of devoted admirers.