Campaign 2018: Russell Beste Vies for U.S. Senate Seat

Oct 8, 2018

With the November midterm elections just weeks away, VPR is featuring interviews with candidates running for statewide office. Russell Beste is an independent candidate running for U.S. Senate. He’s challenging incumbent Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is seeking re-election.

Beste says his chief reason for running is to bring jobs to Vermont and to create opportunities for future generations of Vermonters.

He believes that more jobs can be created in the craft beer, farming and biotechnology industries.

Beste says he would like to see money taken out of politics completely, as well as stricter term limits in order to create space for a more diverse pool of candidates — and he says he'd like to see more women running for office.

He also spoke with VPR about his views on immigration, health care and taxes.

Listen to the interview with Beste above. Find VPR's Campaign 2018 coverage here.