CCTA Drivers Vote To Strike

Mar 13, 2014

The union representing drivers for the Chittenden County Transportation Authority rejected an offer from CCTA management proposed last weekend.

The drivers voted against the offer Wednesday night and voted to strike. Molly Smith of WCAX reports that a strike is set to being next Monday, March 17.

CCTA management, in a last-ditch effort to prevent a strike, proposed binding arbitration. In that process, an independent arbiter assesses the situation, including both sides' concerns, and develops a contract on their own.

CCTA management, in a release, mentioned the final offer the drivers' union voted down Wednesday.

“We’re disappointed the Union has voted to strike. Disrupting service would impose an extraordinary burden on many Vermonters,” said Bill Watterson, CCTA General Manager. “Our most recent offer – which included generous pay increases and flexibility in work rules – was exceedingly fair, reasonable and respectful. CCTA is hopeful the Union will reconsider its decision to strike and agree to binding arbitration.”

Since negotiations broke down in late summer, drivers' union representatives and drivers themselves have said discipline protocols, working hours and other working conditions are the main sticking points in contract negotiations, not money.