Chairman Of Vermont GOP Expects Most Delegates Will Vote For Trump

Jul 18, 2016

As the Republican National Convention kicks off, Vermont's 16-person delegation is evenly split between Ohio Gov. John Kasich and presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

But David Sunderland, chairman of the Vermont Republican Party, says he expects most of the Vermonters will cast their ballot for Trump.

"I do expect that Kasich will get ... a vote or maybe more votes from the Vermont delegation, but the conclusion is kind of foregone at this point that the nominee will be Donald Trump," Sunderland says.

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The Vermont delegation also includes a key player on the Republican National Committee. Susie Hudson is the national committee-woman for the state delegation. Earlier this year, she was also elected secretary of the national party. Sunderland says it’s a prestigious role for the Vermonter.

“We’re blessed to have someone from Vermont with that kind of influence, working and meeting regularly with Reince Priebus, the national chairman, as well as the other officers of the RNC," Sunderland says.