Changes Coming To NPR's Morning Edition

Aug 4, 2018

Beginning Monday, August 13, you will notice some changes during Morning Edition as NPR implements changes to its program clock.

A program clock is the template NPR uses to sync its programming with local stations, and determines what you hear when. The changes are affecting stations across the country.

The new Morning Edition will provide more variety in the news, better flexibility and more in-depth segments. You can expect to hear our local content to be seamlessly woven into the national broadcast, offering the best mix of each day’s interviews and stories.

Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

The biggest change you’ll notice is that instead of three newscasts per hour, you’ll hear two, at the start of each hour and 30 minutes past each hour. You’ll hear headlines from NPR and VPR, followed by a summary of the weather report read by Mitch Wertlieb.

Eye On The Sky Forecasts
The Eye On The Sky forecasts from Mark Breen move to 6:19, 6:42 (Recreational Forecast), 7:19, 7:43 (Garden/Weather Journal), 8:19 and 8:43.

VPR News
The other exciting change is the new clock provides additional windows for VPR News throughout the morning, you’ll hear more of the in-depth reports and interviews that explore the important issues affecting our region. In addition to local newscasts twice per hour, VPR News features and interviews will be woven throughout Morning Edition depending on the news of the day, frequently appearing at 6:20, 7:20, 7:45, 7:50, 8:20  and 8:45.

VPR Commentaries move to 6:45.

The ‘Bleeble”
The tidbit of silly news that we’ve traditionally heard at 30 minutes after the hour moves to 44:30 after each hour.

Marketplace Morning Report
You can sleep in and still catch the Marketplace Morning Report, which will be repeated at 8:50, in addition to 6:50.

The new clock will take some getting used to – we know many of you rely on what’s on VPR to tell you when it’s time to get up, when you need to be out the door, and when you’re running late! We promise we'll do our very best to make sure you're still getting everything you need from VPR every morning.

Here's a minute-by-minute rundown of what you'll hear when:

6:01: NPR & VPR newscasts, short weather summary
6:07: Morning Edition
6:19: Eye On The Sky
6:21: Morning Edition
6:30: NPR & VPR newscasts, short weather summary
6:34: Morning Edition
6:42: Eye On The Sky (Recreational Forecast)
6:44: NPR Bleeble
6:45: VPR Commentary
6:48: Mitch's Sports Report
6:51: Marketplace Morning Report
7:00: NPR & VPR newscasts, short weather summary
7:07: Morning Edition
7:19: Eye On The Sky
7:21: Morning Edition
7:30: NPR & VPR newscasts, short weather summary
7:34: Morning Edition
7:43: Eye On The Sky (Garden/Weather Journal)
7:44: NPR Bleeble
7:45: Morning Edition
8:00: NPR & VPR newscasts, short weather summary
8:07: Morning Edition
8:19: Eye On The Sky
8:21: Morning Edition
8:30: NPR & VPR newscasts, short weather summary
8:34: Morning Edition
8:43: Eye On The Sky
8:44: NPR Bleeble
8:45: Morning Edition
8:51: Marketplace Morning Report

We're sharing feedback with NPR about these changes as they roll out. If you have questions or comments, please share them with us here.