Climate Change Scientists And The Public Debate

Nov 13, 2014

Among scientists, there is little debate any longer about whether human activity contributes to climate change. However, in politics, and on TV, it is still a matter of debate. So how do the physicists, engineers, and climatologists who do work in this field engage with the public debate?

We talk to Mary Albert, professor of Engineering at Dartmouth and executive director of the U.S. Ice Drilling Program Office, and Jennie Stephens, Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy at the University of Vermont. 

Also on the show, we learn about proposed updates to the Food Safety Modernization Act. The Food and Drug Administration will hold a listening session on November 17th at the Vermont Law School.

And we hear about making dyes from plants in Vermont.

Broadcast live on Thursday, November 13 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.