Climbing And Skiing The Backcountry

Dec 18, 2013

Fresh snow this week has a lot people itching to ski. And for people seeking an added challenge, there’s backcountry skiing.

Wednesday on Vermont Edition, we jump into the powder with backcountry skiers who explain the skill and thrill of their sport, some of the places in Vermont with great backcountry terrain, and the safety issues that are front of mind for rescue squads. Our guests are Adam "Howie" Howard, editor of Backcountry Magazine, and Michael Snyder, commissioner of the Dept. of Forest Parks and Recreation.

Check out these amazing photographs of backcountry skiing in Vermont from Ember Photography.

Also in the program, we continue our series "Vermonters Without Borders," about people from our region who are working in foreign countries. Today, Phyllis Kaplan of Bennington County describes her work to save rice paddies in Bali. Kaplan created the non-profit Sawah Bali, modeled on the Vermont Land Trust.

Broadcast Wed., Dec. 18 at noon and 7 p.m.