Colchester Causeway Closed Due To Storm Damage

May 7, 2018

The popular bike path in Colchester is closed due to damage from Friday's storm.

The town of Colchester is cautioning people to stay off the path for the time being. According to a note on the town website, heavy wind and rain on Friday causes sinkholes and left debris on the Colchester Causeway Path.

A hole in the Colchester Causeway Path. As of Monday, the town is still assessing damage from a storm on Friday.
Credit Liam Elder-Connors / VPR

During a visit to the causeway on Monday, the first mile of the path was in pretty good shape but then it started to get rough: a few large holes that look almost like bite marks along the side of the path, along with patches where the gravel had been washed out completely.

Despite a ‘closed’ sign at the start of the path, a few people were out walking or biking.

A closed sign at the entrance to the causeway.
Credit Liam Elder-Connors / VPR

Bob Otten was in town from Virginia to pick up his son up from St. Michael’s College.

He came out to the causeway for a quick bike ride.

“Right around the bridge area that's the roughest spot — big rocky gravel at this point, they haven't redone the surface,” Otten said. But he said, “it's still enjoyable.”

Glen Cuttitta, director of the Parks and Recreation department in Colchester, said the town is still assessing the damage and figuring out its next steps.

See more photos of the storm damage to the Colchester Causeway in the slideshow above.