Condos Says Presidential Election Integrity Commission Has 'Nefarious' Agenda

Sep 12, 2017

Secretary of State Jim Condos says Vermont will take whatever steps are needed to protect the state's voter data base from a national commission created by President Trump.

In late June, the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity requested specific voter information from every state. It said it needed the data to review possible cases of voter fraud.

14 states, including Vermont, have refused to turn over this information to the panel. Condos says he doesn't trust the intentions of the commission.

“The intention is still not to send any information to this commission because we believe it’s going to be used nefariously,” said Condos. “We believe that what they’re trying to do is a form of voter suppression and that will reduce voter rolls.”

Vermont is one of a handful of states that has implemented both same-day voter registration and automatic voter registration when a person get a driver's license. The new law went into effect January 1, 2017, and Condos says both programs are working well.