A Cross-Border Collaboration To Protect Monarch Butterfly Habitat

Aug 30, 2016

Monarch butterflies are known for epic migrations, traveling thousands of miles every year. Their route can span from Mexico to Canada, which makes it difficult to protect monarchs, because there's no one single habitat to preserve.

Peggy Farabaugh, is the founder and CEO of Vermont Woods Studios in Vernon, a sustainable furniture company. She's trying to create the kind of collaboration that will protect monarchs. She has joined forces with Jose Luis Alvarez, a Mexican tree nurseryman who started the organization Forests for Monarchs.

Farabaugh spoke to Vermont Edition on Tuesday about how her partnership with Alvarez began, her trip to Mexico to observe the monarchs' habitat and her goal of raising funds for Alvarez's reforestation efforts.

Their "Save the Monarchs Tour" throughout the Northeast is currently underway. Farabaugh also discussed the state of the monarch butterfly population and challenges being faced.

Listen to the complete interview above.