Daily Drive Report: Says You

Jun 20, 2013

Credit VPR

It's true. One of the best parts of a VPR membership drive is the flood of comments that we receive from our listeners. Here's one that really jumped out at us:

I've donated to VPR in the past, but last year, becoming a sustaining
member set me free. You'd think that 'paying' for a service would leave you
annoyed at why you couldn't skip membership drives, but it's quite the opposite.
I'm now able to endure membership drives guilt free and satisfied I've done my
part...in short, membership drives are now a breeze!

VPR IS my news source. VPR IS my gateway to the what's happening in Vermont and
beyond. Last weekend I had was driving north on I-91 the entire length of Vermont and
was able to 'chase' 3 different VPR stations all the way back to the Kingdom.

Set yourself free, become a sustaining member!

- Zach, Newport Town

Listening to you is one of most important tasks because as your public radio station, we are accountable to you. In fact, when a listener submits a comment through VPR.net, everyone on staff receives a copy. We hear it all, the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. But this kind of feedback we receive is an important tool that helps us measure - in the moment - how we are doing.

Here are some other gems we've received over the last few days:

  • "I'm grateful for all of the programming. Keep up the good work!"
    - Fran, Hancock
  • "I listen all of the time and leave it on during the day so the dogs can listen too."
    - Chris, Dorset
  • "VPR is the only radio station I listen to."
    - Peter, Shoreham
  • "VPR Classical is one of the sane things left in this world."
    - Alvin, Fairfield
  • "I'm listening right now from the southern coast of Haiti. Thanks for keeping me connected!
    - Zach, Brooklyn, NY
  • "You guys are the best! You keep me company while driving around during the day."
    - Nancy, Hyde Park
  • "I'm working in Vermont for the summer and am happy to support VPR as a summer listener!"
    - Nancy, Carrboro, NC
  • "First time pledge. Love Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Car Talk , and Vermont Edition."
    - Andrew, Greenfield Park, Quebec
  • "Thank you for bringing classical music back to the Brattleboro area."
    - John & Mary, Brattleboro
  • "One of the smartest things VPR has ever done was hire Jane Lindholm. She does such a great job!"
    - Jacqueline, Greensboro
  • "VPR and NPR are my lifelines to the world."
    - Regina, Braintree
  • "We listen to VPR Classical in Belmont and online from Bethesda, Maryland."
    - Richard, Belmont

Keep that feedback coming! When you make your pledge to help us end the drive successfully, be sure to offer us your input about programming, membership drives, or any other topic that comes to mind. You can always drop us a line through our contact form on our website too.