Dartmouth Weighs Options For Future Of College Press

May 30, 2018

Dartmouth College is considering its publishing options after the press consortium it's a part of voted to close in April.

University Press of New England, which is located in Lebanon, New Hampshire, announced last month that it would be closing.

Dartmouth is one of the two remaining members of University Press, a consortium that at one point included 10 colleges across New England.

Two meetings were held last week to discuss how Dartmouth College can continue to support its staff who want to publish their work.

Out of those meetings, Dartmouth College spokeswoman Diana Lawrence said, a group came together to chart a path forward.

“The study group will be charged with evaluating issues related to the future of a Dartmouth publishing enterprise, including the level of engagement among faculty; considering whether there are specific subject areas on which Dartmouth College Press should focus; and drawing up recommendations for more in-depth study,” Lawrence said. “Such study could include investigation of e-book publishing or on-demand printing.”

The task force will present recommendations to the college president in November.