Define Efficient: Mapping The Path For Efficiency Vermont

Oct 23, 2014

Efficiency Vermont might seem like a non-profit that helps you get cheaper, more environmentally friendly light bulbs, but actually, it is a utility. Efficiency Vermont was created by the Public Service Board in 2000 to help Vermonters use less electricity. That savings is the energy Efficiency Vermont, as a utility, produces. It’s about 13% of our total electric consumption.

But is reduction in our electricity usage really the best goal for Efficiency Vermont to have? And is there a better way to achieve efficiency than the strategies they’re currently using? Efficiency Vermont is holding a series of community meetings around the state to get input about their methods.

We talk to Jim Merriam, director of Efficiency Vermont about their three year plan.  And we hear from Green Mountain College Economics professor Steven Letendre, Neighborworks of Western Vermont Director Ludy Biddle, and Senator Tim Ashe, about what they’d like the utility’s priorities to be.

Also on the show, we get an update on the mood north of the border after two attacks on Canadian military members in recent days.

Broadcast live on Thursday, October 23 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.