Differing Parties Aside, Zuckerman Plans To Work Together With Scott

Nov 9, 2016

Vermont's new lieutenant governor will be Progressive/Democrat David Zuckerman, and he'll serve with Republican Phil Scott, who won a resounding victory in the gubernatorial race.

VPR's Morning Edition asked Zuckerman about how he sees working with Scott, especially in light of potential differences on policy.

"I think, you know, in Vermont we set aside the elections and we go forward and work together to make, hopefully, positive change for working people," Zuckerman said.

Zuckerman also noted that the governor and lieutenant governor have different roles to play – for example, when it comes to the state budget. Scott has pledged to keep Vermont taxes low.

"It'll be interesting to see how he can fulfill his promise, but I have to give him the space to present what he's going to do," Zuckerman said. "And work with him for the better of the state as the Legislature works through its process with his proposals."

The new lieutenant governor elect also shared his thoughts on how Donald Trump's presidency may affect Vermont, as well as the possible future of marijuana legalization.

Listen to the full interview above.