Discovering Your Family History, One Vital Record At A Time

Aug 16, 2013

A tavern license from 1796, held in a collection by the Vermont Historical Museum in Benson.
Credit AP Photo/Alden Pellett

Fri 8/16/13 at Noon & 7PM:  Family history can be a mix of photos and stories passed from generations, with a little mythology thrown in. But when people want to get serious about learning their lineage, they join the ranks of genealogists who use state records and research databases to uncover details about their family's past.

On the next Vermont Edition, we talk with Ed McGuire of the Vermont Genealogy Library and with Scott Reilly of the Vermont State Archives about the fascinating stories that come alive when people go digging for details about their ancestors.

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Also in the program, we look at the spate of apartment fires in Vermont in recent years, and some of the prevention and inspection efforts that might help avoid deadly and destructive fires. Reporter Charlotte Albright joins us as part of VPR's "Burned Out" series.

And, we listen back to some of the voices in this week's news.