Dorset Rejects Zoning Changes

May 6, 2015

In Dorset, residents voted down controversial changes to the town’s zoning bylaws 513 to 344.  

Select board members had approved a number of amendments, including banning chain-based businesses, as well as allowing larger buildings to be constructed in certain parts of town.  

Many local residents felt expanding the allowable footprint of new construction would harm Dorset’s historic character and hurt property values – and they gathered enough signatures to put the issue before voters.

Those in favor of the zoning changes argued they were needed to allow local businesses more flexibility.

Chris Brooks, chairman of the Dorset Select Board says since voters said no to their proposals, it will be up to the local planning commission to revisit the towns’ zoning requirements.

“The first thing we’ve got to do is make sure that everybody understands that there’s different perspectives and we’ve got to listen to those perspectives and make changes based on that," Brooks said.

Brooks says considering how emotional this vote was, he thinks the town should take its time.