In Excess: Why We Do What We Do At The Holidays

Dec 15, 2015

Short of fasting for five weeks and avoiding all human contact, the holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day is a fest of food, drink and frivolity. To say nothing of heightened levels of stress and overspending.

Why do we let ourselves get sucked into this vortex of excess?

Josephine Romano, the founder of Green Mountain Life Coach Consulting and Training, and UVM Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology Diann Gaalema, look at the causes for our holiday behaviors and offer some suggestions on mitigating some of the damage.

Also on the program, when winter weather finally hits, Laval, Quebec will test beet extract (that's right) on its streets to help melt the ice. Laval's Superintendent of Public Works Sylvain Vaillancourt discusses why the city is trying this product.

Broadcast live on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.