The Expanding Responsibilities Of The Vermont Crime Information Center

Apr 22, 2015

The Vermont Crime Information Center has a wide range of responsibilities: maintaining the state's sex offender registry, overseeing marijuana dispensaries, running criminal record checks, and more. 

What's more, in the past several years, a lot under the VCIC's purview has been changing. The sex offender registry has gone through big changes, and has come up short in state audits of its accuracy.  And the arrival of medical marijuana dispensaries has added a complex new layer of oversight to the center's responsibilities.

We're discussing it all with VCIC director Jeffrey Wallin -- first hearing from Allen Gilbert of the ACLU Vermont about his concerns about the sex offender registry.

Also on the program, the UVM hockey program had produced a number of players who have gone on to star in the National Hockey League. Goaltender Brody Hoffman hopes to be the next. He has decided to forgo his senior year at the school to sign with the Minnesota Wild. We speak to him about his decision and his prospects.