Facebook Is Changing. Here's How You Can Stay Connected With VPR

Feb 6, 2018

Facebook is making significant changes to its News Feed algorithm, which could limit the posts you see from VPR and other media sources. Instead of prioritizing posts based on how popular they were, now you'll be seeing more posts that spark “meaningful interactions” between people, by prioritizing posts from your friends over post from publishers and other organizations that you follow. 

Here's how to keep seeing from VPR and NPR in your News Feed: 

Choose "See First" in your News Feed Preferences: Once you've liked and followed VPR and NPR on Facebook,  choose the “See First” option for each page following the desktop and mobile instructions below.

Follow the steps illustrated above to change your News Feed preferences on a computer.
Credit Anna Ste. Marie / VPR

On a desktop or laptop computer

  • Click on the menu icon (down arrow) in the upper right-hand corner of the Facebook home page.
  • Select “News Feed Preferences.”
  • Select “Prioritize who to see first.”
  • Scroll down to find VPR and NPR (you may also use the left-hand drop-down menu to select “Pages Only” to narrow your search). Select the VPR and NPR icons
  • Press “Done.”


Follow the steps illustrated above to change your News Feed preferences on a mobile device.
Credit Anna Ste. Marie / VPR

On a mobile device

  • Press the menu icon (three lines).
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Select “News Feed Preferences.”
  • Select “Prioritize who to see first.”
  • Scroll down or search for VPR and NPR, and select the VPR and NPR icons.
  • Press “Done.”

Check the location on your personal profile: Facebook wants to put more local news in your News Feed, but they can’t know what’s local to you if you’re location isn’t available or accurate on your profile. Some users choose to withhold this information for privacy purposes; others prefer to set their location to a fictional place like Middle-Earth or Bikini Bottom. Having an accurate location will increase your chances of having VPR be part of your local mix.

Respond to any quality surveys about VPR: Facebook is presenting randomly-selected users with quality surveys about the news you’re reading. This comes in response to all of the fake news that circulated the social network during the 2016 election cycle. If Facebook asks you about the quality of VPR, don’t ignore the survey. Let them know you consider VPR to be a known, trusted source.

Be (more) social: Passive consumption - we all do it. We scroll through our feeds, maybe click through here and there, and keep on scrolling. Now, if you wish to continue seeing the content you care about from publishers and organizations — and want others to see it too — consider taking a more active approach to your Facebook browsing, including sharing posts and tagging friends, replying to comments to further discussion and sending posts to friends using Facebook Messenger. 

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