Focus On Brattleboro

Nov 15, 2012

Over the past several years, Brattleboro has had its share of setbacks. It seemed as if the only news coming out of the southeastern Vermont town was bad news.

The historic Brooks House was severely damaged by fire.Tropical Storm Irene caused extensive damage. A Brattleboro Co-Op employee was murdered by a co-worker. The iconic Latchis Theater marquee was destroyed by a passing truck. But lately, the news from Brattleboro has been much more positive.

We broadcast live from the new Brattleboro Food Co-Op to getan update on how the town has been dealing with the recent challenges from Building a Better Brattleboro's Andrea Livermore and Bob Stevens of Stevens & Associates.

Also on the program, CCV's Tapp Barnhill and Marlboro College's Sean Conley discuss the higher education opportunities in downtown Brattleboro. And Town Arts Committee Member Kate Anderson provides an overview of the area's thriving arts community.