Forest Power

Dec 19, 2013

A lot of people in Vermont heat their homes with wood- whether with old fashioned logs or with wood pellets. There are also two large scale biomass energy plants, and an application for a new one in North Springfield has caused a lot of controversy. Several years ago, Middlebury college installed a large biomass heat plant, which they claim has reduced the college's emissions by 40 percent. Goddard College has also showed interest, and downtown Montpelier is in the middle of construction on a district heating project.

Does Vermont have enough wood in the forests for all these new biomass projects. And is woody biomass really a carbon-neutral and efficient way to produce energy? Some scientists who are studying it say it really depends on how you measure it. And that measurement changes depending on how you're managing the forests, and how you're using the biomass. We'll look into the sustainability of biomass with William Keeton, Chair of the UVM Forestry Program, and Tim Maker, President and CEO of Community Biomass Systems. Send your comments or questions to

And then, our Vermonters without Borders series concludes with a Vermonter who’s spent the last 20 years traveling to Mongolia to work with reindeer herders on health issues, and to preserve aspects of traditional culture alongside modern life.

Thursday, December 19th Noon & 7PM