Gardeners And Bakers Vie For Ribbons At Tunbridge World's Fair

Sep 19, 2015

The annual Tunbridge World's Fair, which runs through Sunday, is an agricultural fair.

But it’s not just for farmers and 4H-ers.  

Just uphill from the barns where sleek heifers and oxen vie to win awards for their farms is the Floral Hall, where local gardeners and cooks also compete for blue ribbons.

The categories are wide-ranging.

Some people bring the most perfect examples of their gardening skills – handsome spotless specimens of tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables.

Others are going for sheer size – check out the massive squash and towering sunflowers. And there are some items on display simply because they’re odd shaped potatoes and strange looking fruit.

There are also competitions for baked goods, preserves, jams and pickles.

Among those who’ve made a tradition out of entering the Floral Hall competition are Sid McLam and Jo Ann Maguire.

For the past 18 years the Randolph Center couple has been competing for blue ribbons at the Tunbridge World’s Fair.

On a typical year, they might enter 10 categories. Often they win ribbons for vegetables from their garden, their baked goods, as well as flower arrangements and photographs.

“Over the years we’ve done very well with our ribbons, winning quite a few blue ribbons. It’s a tradition for us. It’s something we like to do every year with the Tunbridge Fair. It’s a very special fair,” says McLam.