Generation Listen: What The Hell Is A HeLa Cell?

Apr 13, 2016

You’re invited to the Monkey House in Winooski on April 19th for a podcast listening party. We’ll listen to a collection of stories exploring medical curiosities, including an episode of Radiolab about Henrietta Lacks and other podcasts.

Come by around 6:30 p.m. and grab a beer (or your favorite beverage) and enjoy some free pizza. Listening will start around 7 p.m. followed by a lively discussion hosted by VPR’s Francesca Orsini and Sarah Mathews. Admission is free.

Basically, it’s like any other Tuesday night, but instead of listening to your favorite podcasts alone on the couch, you can do so with other public radio nerds!

This event is part of NPR’s Generation Listen project, an initiative to open minds and mouths. We’ll get together regularly to listen to compelling stories from public radio and beyond, and talk face to face about what we’ve just heard. We are open to ideas for future party locations and exceptional podcasts. Email Ty Robertson anytime at to learn more about this project.

Check out our Facebook event to see who's coming, and to invite your friends. Hope to see you there!