Gov. Scott Names Team To Strengthen State Response To Cyber Threats

Oct 10, 2017

Gov. Phil Scott signed an executive order Tuesday to create a Cybersecurity Advisory Team. The 10-member group will work to strengthen how the state responds to cyber threats.

Scott says state computer systems have experienced over 3.3 million potential cyber- attacks since January.

And though the governor says those attacks were not successful , they highlighted the need to address and strengthen the state's approach to cyber security.

Scott says the Cybersecurity Advisory Team will be made up of people from inside and outside of state government.

“And I think that's really important,” Scott says. “As I you know, I'm not a technological wizard as you might imagine but having a team assist you and to give you information and bring that information forward as is recovered, I think is important.”

The focus of the team includes developing a strategic plan or protecting state public and private sector computer systems, evaluating statewide cyber security readiness and increasing communication between state government, federal government and the private sector to “ensure the resilience of electronic information systems.”

The advisory team will hold its first meeting on October 15.