Governor Uses New Website To Tout Record

Dec 31, 2015

Gov. Peter Shumlin has launched a new website highlight his record during his three terms in office.

Shumlin’s staff created the site, online at In it, Shumlin champions his efforts on health care, education, public safety, opiate abuse and renewable energy.

Shumlin’s says the site isn’t meant to burnish his legacy.

“Well you know I don’t quite see it that way, that it’s a brag sheet on what we’ve done,” Shumlin said Thursday. “Really what I am hoping the website will do is give Vermonters the ability to have an easy place to go to see the areas that we’ve been working on, and the work that we have left to do.”

The website features video of the governor’s five previous budget and state of the state addresses.

A spokesperson for the governor says the site cost less than $100 to create.