Hateful Graffiti Found In Burlington's Fletcher Free Library

Jul 21, 2017

Library staff found hateful graffiti in a bathroom at Burlington's Fletcher Free Library, seen here in August 2009.
Credit Don Shall / flickr

The head of Burlington's Fletcher Free Library is condemning hateful graffiti found in a library bathroom.

Library director Mary Danko said a swastika and a racial epithet were found in the men's restroom last weekend. Library staff notified Burlington police, and painted over the graffiti.

Danko said she wanted to publicize the incident because the Fletcher Free Library has a long history of serving the entire community.

"Everyday when I go into the library, it's filled with people, a diverse group of people that are coming there to enjoy the library," Danko said. "I wanted to make sure that we put the message out there that the library's for everyone, and they should feel that it's a safe and welcoming place for them."

In a statement, Danko added that "our support of free speech does not translate into tolerance for hate speech."

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger also denounced the incident in a statement.

"Such an act is particularly troubling when it occurs at our public library, a cornerstone of our democracy that offers free access to information and encourages intellectual freedom and freedom of speech," Weinberger said.

Danko said she expects Burlington Police will follow up with her as they continue their investigation.