Having The Talk...With Your Aging Parents

Feb 28, 2017

It might be the most difficult ride of your life. You're in the car with your aging parent at the wheel and it becomes glaringly obvious that their driving skills have diminished. Possibly to the point of being dangerous to them and to others on the road.

How do you have the conversation that it might be time to hand over the keys? And what about discussing other hard topics like their finances, emptying the house of clutter, or considering assisted living?

Dr. Michael LaMantia, associate professor of medicine and director of geriatrics at the Larner College of Medicine at UVM, and Pat McManamon, highway safety specialist for the Department of Motor Vehicles, help us navigate this tricky terrain.

Additional safe driving resources:

Also on the program, after President Trump rescinded protections for transgender students, Vermont's Agency of Education reissued its best practices for schools regarding transgender and gender non-comforming students. Education Secretary Rebecca Holcombe discusses the guidelines and how they've been received and are being implemented in Vermont's schools.

 Broadcast live on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.