Intervention And Prevention Of Domestic Violence

Mar 7, 2016

Experts who work on the problem of domestic violence say a new issue is emerging: A lack of affordable housing means many victims have no place to go when they try to leave an abusive relationship. Meanwhile, the connection between guns and domestic violence continues to receive scrutiny.

"The root of domestic violence is sexism. It just is. There's no getting around it." - Karen Tronsgard-Scott, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

On the next Vermont Edition, we look at domestic violence and the complicated issues that stem from it. Our guest, Karen Tronsgard-Scott, the executive director of the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, says the problem persists despite intervention efforts. Prevention, she says, requires addressing the social status of women. “The root of domestic violence is sexism," says Tronsgard-Scott. "It just is. There’s no getting around it.” We're also joined by Cpt. Ingrid Jonas of the Vermont State Police, who oversees the training that officers receive to respond to domestic violence cases.


Domestic Violence 800-228-7395

Sexual Violence 800-489-7273

Also in the program, this month's installment of Dorothy's List, our series about the books nominated for Vermont’s Dorothy Canfield Fisher children’s book award. This month students from Burlington’s two middle schools got together to discuss The Art of Secrets by James Klise. The mystery starts when a family’s apartment is destroyed by fire, and unfolds as a tale that explores insiders and outsiders in a community.

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