Interview: Michael Hastings' Posthumous Novel, 'The Last Magazine'

Jul 2, 2014

When journalist Michael Hastings died in a car crash a year ago at age 33, he left a legacy as a tough war reporter and gifted writer. Hastings might be best remembered for an article he wrote in 2010 for Rolling Stone about General Stanley McChrystal that led to the general’s resignation.

I love that his work has such resonance and such staying power. I think it's testament to his great talent as a writer.

On that reporting trip to Kabul, he met Elise Jordan and they were married six months later. Now a year after her husband’s death, Jordan has ushered the publication of his posthumous novel, The Last Magazine. It’s a satirical, bawdy look at magazine journalism and the Iraq war, set in the early 2000s. Jordan spoke with Vermont Edition about her husband's work and the publication of this novel.

Note: Hastings' non-fiction books are I Lost My Love In Baghdad, The Operators, and Panic 2012. His novel The Last Magazine contains sexually explicit material that may not be suitable for all readers.