It (Kind Of) Sounded Great At The Time

Feb 13, 2013

Some Vermonters somewhere were struck by moments of inspiration. They burned the midnight oil to hammer out the fine details of their plans. And then they unleashed them upon the public.

And so we were introduced to the Winooski Dome. The Green Mountain Parkway was born. A possible silk worm industry was proposed. And canals were envisioned stretching from the Connecticut River to Lake Memphremagog and across the state to Lake Champlain.

Alas, the ideas never came to fruition and were fated to be looked upon years later with a certain amount of bemusement and even scorn.

Vermont Life Editor Emeritus and author and writer Mark Bushnell look at these and other failed Vermont ideas. How they came to be and why they never were.

Hear the entire song, Dome Over Winooski by Al Boright

Also on the program, new research suggests that Neanderthals and homo sapiens didn't have the opportunity to get to intermingle. UVM Professor of microbiology amp; molecular genetics John Burke gives his review of the study and discusses how it impacts what he teaches his students.