Jane Sanders Hires Lawyers As Burlington College Investigation Continues

Jun 26, 2017

"Jane Sanders lawyers up." That's the latest development in the winding saga of the financial woes of Burlington College while Jane Sanders - the wife of Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders -  was its president. It's also the headline of a piece for Politico Magazine which journalist Harry Jaffe wrote last week.

In his article, Jaffe tracks the history of Jane Sanders' time leading Burlington College and the questionable finances behind a land deal a few years before the college closed last year. Federal investigators are now looking into that deal.

That investigation could influence President Trump's pick for the next U.S. Attorney of Vermont, but, as Jaffe writes, the charges that could be brought against Sanders can be difficult to prove.

Harry Jaffe spoke with VPR's Henry Epp.

Listen to their conversation above.