Jay To Use Former Town Garage As Recycling Center

May 21, 2013

Reduce, reuse, recycle. The Town of Jay has put that motto to work in re-purposing its former town garage. The Jay Planning Commission and Zoning Board recently issued a change of use permit to house the Troy/Jay Recycle Center in the fourth bay of the Cross Road building that formerly served as the town garage. The Missisquoi Valley Ambulance Service will use the other 3 bays. The building is currently being refurbished to accommodate the new uses.

The Troy/Jay Recycle Center is currently located in Troy and is operated by the Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District. The District will also operate the new center. The biggest change in service is that the new center will eventually accept household trash in addition to recyclables, according to the Town of Jay website.

Permission has also been granted to use the new Recycle Center as a Garbage transfer station. Household trash will be accepted in the future.The trash container will be picked up on a weekly basis. Pre-paid Trash bags will be sold locally.

The new recycle center is scheduled to open on or before July 1.