Keeping Nutrients Out Of Our Waterways

Jun 26, 2013

Storm drain in Burlington.
Credit AP/Toby Talbot

Wed 6/26/13 Noon & 7PM   Phosphorus is a building block for all life forms. But when it runs off our fields, streets and parking lots, it becomes a nutrient for aquatic life causing eutrophication of our waterways. And nitrogen also has its detrimental effects as well.

Vermont’s Ecosystem Restoration Manager Kari Dolan and UVM Professor of Water Resources Suzanne Levine discuss the science of nutrient runoff and the efforts by the state to contain them.

Also on the program, Fletcher Allen’s HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Care Clinics are celebrating their 25th Anniversary. Dr. Christopher Grace and nurse practitioner Deborah Kutzko discuss the work of the clinics and how treatment for HIV/AIDS has changed through the years.

Plus, last weekend, Rutland ham radio enthusiasts took part in a national event called Field Days. Tim Abraham, Vice President of the Green Mountain Wireless Society, provides details of the event.