Killington Wants Input On A New Town Slogan

Jun 15, 2016

The Killington Select Board would like to update the town's slogan, and it's authorized a survey to get feedback from residents and visitors. The survey is expected to be on the town website for a couple of weeks, as well as distributed in other ways.

The current slogan is "Heart of the Green Mountains," which is one of six options on the survey. Other suggestions include:

  • Discover More
  • Something for Everyone
  • Discover the Heart of the Green Mountains
  • Elevate your Experience
  • Your Adventure Starts Here

Survey respondents are asked to pick their top three choices. The town wants to have the decision made before the "Welcome to Killington" signs are repainted this summer.

The survey was authorized at a select board meeting last week. Meeting minutes state Town Manager Debby Schwartz commented "that the slogan seems more sedentary than what Killington is and desires to be."

Amy Morrison, events and marketing coordinator for the town, presented the new slogan options to the board. One select board member requested that the lettering style on the welcome signs be updated as well. Board member Andy Salamon also suggested an electronic scrolling sign, but was told that would be against the town's zoning regulations.