Leahy Says Trump Needs To Be More Careful With North Korea

Apr 26, 2017

Sen. Patrick Leahy says he's extremely concerned about the Trump Administration's policies with North Korea because he doesn't think the Administration has a well thought out strategy to discourage North Korea from developing a nuclear weapons missile system.

Leahy describes the Administration's approach to North Korea as little more than "saber rattling" and he thinks it has little chance of being successful.

“You don't do major foreign policy especially with another nuclear power by Twitter,” said Leahy. “I worry about impulsive actions, I worry about miscalculations."

And while there's been a lot of attention on North Korea's nuclear weapons program, Leahy says more than 28,000 U.S. troops in South Korea also face a conventional military threat.

"Can you imagine if 28,000American service members came under artillery fire ?" said Leahy. "Nobody is going to ask, 'gosh was that a nuclear weapon or not a nuclear weapon?' The destruction would be total."

Sen. Bernie Sanders is calling on China to play a leadership role in reducing North Korea's military ambitions.

"That's the key right now to make clear to China that they're going to have to put pressure on this isolated and dangerous regime," said Sanders.

Leahy attended a special North Korea briefing at the White House on Wednesday afternoon but Sanders decided to skip it because he felt it was little more than a photo opportunity for the President.