Listen To 2017 Commentators' Brunch

Jun 16, 2017

On Saturday, June 10 at 11 a.m. VPR hosted a new, streamlined version of the annual Commentator Brunch at our recently expanded Colchester facility on the theme: SLEUTH! UNCOVERING THE TRUTH!

After a buffet brunch in VPR's new café and lobby, guests took their seats in Studio One for readings from 13 commentators. And while many thought the perspectives offered might be all politics all the time, in fact,  treatments ranged from thoughts on the nature of truth and the importance of truth in journalism, to seeking the identity of a biological parent and searching for lost asparagus.

In order of appearance, the program audio includes:

Will Lange: Ida Who?

Sarwar Kashmeri: Where Have All The Sleuths Gone?

Abigail Mnookin: Donors Not Dads

Madeleine Kunin: Lost Asparagus

Mary McCallum: The Last Pillow

Peter Gilbert: I [Heart] Bacon

Tom Slayton: Sometimes The Truth Finds You

Rich Nadworny: The Case Of The Hidden Stash

Suzanne Spencer Rendahl: Project Sleuth

Deborah Luskin: The Reveal

Vic Henningsen: Noble Dream

Bill Schubart: Truth In Arts And Letters

Charlotte Albright: Postcard From Heaven