Listen With The New VPR Audio Player

Aug 8, 2014

We're rolling out a new VPR Audio Player at to work in more browsers, across more devices, to serve more listeners. The new player is available now here. Please try it out on your computers, smartphones and tablets, send us a message and let is know what you think

Update 8/8/2014: We will soon retire the old Audio Player found at this link: If you still use this player, please try the new Audio Player or try another means of listening to VPR online: you can listen in iTunes Radio, mobile apps or any MP3 player. If you need help finding a way to listen online please Contact Us.

Update 5/9/2014: We changed the links to use the new Audio Player by default. If you still prefer to use the old version of the player it is still available for a limited time at this link.

The key improvements to the player include:

  • Responsive design, meaning the new player page will adjust to fit in any screen size or device
  • Easy access to the various stream options we provide: MP3, Flash and AAC
  • The player is configured to work in any browser or operating system. Whether you use Firefox on your PC, Chrome on your Android or Safari on your iPhone, there is a stream option that will work
  • There is a new "Recommended" stream format message to suggest the best option for your specific browser and device.
  • The station callout and live-billboard that appear on the homepage now appear on the player, too: if there is a service or maintenance issue, or a live-broadcast now on the air, you'll see that messaging right on the player without having to look elsewhere.

This is just one more way to listen to VPR wherever you want, on any device you choose. You can still listen with the VPR Apps for iPhone and Android, the mobile site, iTunes, wireless radios and other streaming apps. If you have trouble finding an option that works for you, send us a message and we can help you out. The older version of the Audio Player is still available for a limited time as we test and improve the new player.

The new audio player was developed with our partners the StreamGuys and we'd love to hear what you think. As always, if you have questions, comments or feedback, or need assistance with any VPR services, just send us a message.