Live At Noon: Congressman Peter Welch

Feb 6, 2015

Net neutrality and equitable access to high-speed internet is a priority for many business leaders, and it's an issue that the House Energy and Commerce Committee will be weighing in on as the FCC considers new rules on net neutrality. Friday on Vermont Edition, we talk with Representative Peter Welch, a member of that congressional committee, about net neutrality and the impact on Vermont entrepreneurs.  We also look at raising the federal gas tax, Welch's opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline, and his recent trip to Cuba as diplomatic relations with that country open up.

Also in the program, political analyst Eric Davis dissects the impact of Senator Patrick Leahy's decision to run for re-election in 2016.  He discusses whether the announcement this week holds in check the aspirations of several prominent Democrats in the next election cycle.

Broadcast live on Fri., Feb. 6, 2015 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.