Local Critics Look Back On Year In Film

Dec 26, 2013

We’re heading into the end-of year film-awards season, when critics look back and list their favorite movies of the year.

We  take a local look back at this year in movies with Margot Harrison, an associate editor and film critic at Seven Days newspaper. 

Also joining the discussion is Rick Kisonak, who is also a Seven Days film critic, and the director of the Burlington Book Festival.

Both Harrison and Kisonak agree it's harder for  Vermonters to see independent films, unless they're packaged in one of the many film festival's that have cropped up around the state.

Margot Harrison is a fan of the new Spike Jonze film, "Her", and praises the performance of Joaquin Phoenix.

Rick Kisonak enjoyed Bruce Dern's performances in two films this year, including Jay Craven's "Northern Borders". Kisonak also has harsh worlds for the Golden Globes nominating committee, who declared Scarlett Johansson ineligible for her voice work in "Her".