Lowell Thompson And Band Perform Live On Vermont Edition

Dec 18, 2014

Lowell Thompson and his band visited the VPR performance studio at Fort Ethan Allen to play live on Vermont Edition. The Burlington-based band performed several songs from their new album Stranger’s Advice. They played Lately I’m Down, Different Name, and Make Your Mark.

Thompson was accompanied by Brett Lanier on the pedal steel guitar, Kurt Flanagan on the bass, Steve Hadeka on the drums and Leon Campos playing piano.

Between songs, Thompson spoke with Vermont Edition about his creative process and the new album.

When asked why he returned to Vermont after moving away, Thompson responded, “It’s home. I have a lot of family here and there’s something special that always draws me back in. A lot of other places don’t have that ability … there’s something special that I know all of us Vermonters know about.”

This summer, Thompson and his band will be on tour with Kelly Ravin, another local musician.
Credit Angela Evancie / VPR
In between songs, Thompson admitted that while sometimes going on tour is great, "most times it's not great, but it's fun to be with your pals."
Credit Angela Evancie / VPR
Thompson was accompanied by Brett Lanier on the pedal steel guitar.
Credit Angela Evancie / VPR

Thompson says that "we're all vaguely familiar with the blues."
Credit Angela Evancie / VPR

Thompson told Vermont Edition that "there is no preferred method [to writing a song]. Every song is different and it's one of those things that I don't look into too much and question. It's clear if it's working and if it's not, it's not."
Credit Angela Evancie / VPR

Learn more about Lowell Thompson and his new album on his website.