McAllister To Resign, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott Says

May 11, 2015

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott said Monday morning that he's been told Franklin County Senator Norm McAllister will resign within 24 hours.

McAllister was arrested Thursday on charges of sexual assault against three different women. He has entered a plea of not guilty on all six charges against him.

House Speaker Shap Smith says the nature of the allegations against McAllister will prevent him from serving his constituents while the case against him is ongoing.

Gov. Peter Shumlin also called for McAllister's resignation, saying he should not be a sitting senator as he goes through the legal process.

“Given the incredibly troubling allegations made against Sen. McAllister over the past few days, the right thing for him to do would be to resign from the Senate,” Shumlin said in a statement released Monday. “Sen. McAllister will go through the legal process like any other accused individual, but for the good of Vermont he should not do so as a sitting senator.”

The Vermont Press Bureau's Neal Goswami reports that Senate Pro Tem John Campbell made similar comments Monday.