Mental Health In Vermont

Dec 5, 2014

When the new Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital opened its doors this summer, it was supposed alleviate some of the burdens on our state's mental health system. But the new facility is facing a shortage of nurses, and patients elsewhere in the state can face long waits for counseling or treatment. 

We’ll talk to Department of Mental Health Commissioner Paul Dupre about the treatment options available to people with psychiatric problems in this state... and where they might fall through the cracks.

Also on the show, the humble milkweed is getting a lot of attention from a company in Granby, Quebec. Protec Style is creating products using the milkweed fibers in textiles, acoustics and to absorb oil spills. We hear from company President Francois Simard on these projects and their hopes to help the monarch butterfly.

Broadcast live on Monday, December 8 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.