Mental Health Week: How Are Our Kids Coping?

Mar 22, 2017

It's not easy to watch anyone struggle with mental health issues, but it might be even more difficult to see children battle mental illness. According the National Institute of Mental Health, half of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14.

This show is part of a weeklong series of 'Vermont Edition' programs related to mental health care.
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As Vermont Edition continues its Mental Health Week, we look as some of the most critical issues facing children and mental illness.

Dr. David Rettew, director of the Pediatric Psychiatry Clinic at UVM Medical Center, and Melissa Bailey, Vermont's mental health commissioner, look at the factors leading to mental illness in children. They also discuss mental health service access for children, and how working with the entire family can help with recovery.

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Also on the program, Vermont law enforcement officers are required by Act 80 to be trained in dealing with individuals with mental health issues. There is also a voluntary program, called Team Two, that takes that training further. Team Two Coordinator Kristin Chandler lets us know about these training programs.

This program is part of a weeklong series on Vermont Edition looking at issues related to mental health care and Vermonters' lives. Find more on the "Mental Health Week" series here.

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